Deltona Presbyterian
Your place for Faith, Family, Friends and Fellowship

Deltona Presbyterian Church, PCUSA

Sunday Worship at 10:30 A.M.

Your Place for Faith, Family, Friends and Fellowship

Welcome! We're glad you are visiting with us. Whether you are someone exploring faith matters for the first time, a seeker of the deep truths about God, or maybe a believer looking for a friendly and nurturing family of friends and faith, then D.P.C. may be the place for you. D.P.C. is a fellowship of all ages and the entire family. We are a very diverse congregation representing many heritages, nations, cultures and continents that have found fellowship at D.P.C. We encourage you to visit with us and see if this may be where the Holy Spirit is leading you to find friends, faith and fellowship. With our prayers and blessings, we welcome you.

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