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Pastor Ponders Hurricanes!


Every since I can remember hurricanes have been a part of being a Florida resident.  From the first one I remember, Hurricane Donna in 1960 to Charley in 2004, we’ve grown accustomed to their threat and survived their strikes.  A hurricane is the most unpredictable of all storms and can cause catastrophic damage but we hardly seem to flinch when one is baring down on our homes and state.  We’ve become accustomed to the threat and we’ve learned to moderate our response to something that could wipe out our homes  and possibly kill us.

Contrast our response to hurricanes to the slightest downturn in the stock market, to a job loss, or a unfavorable diagnosis.  We panic as if there is no tomorrow.  We cry out “why God” when we loose a few dollars in our retirement accounts but hardly seem to bat an eye when thousands are left homeless by Hurricane Michael that hit Mexico Beach, Florida, just last year.

Have we become callous about catastrophe?  Are we so preoccupied with self that we simply consider it part of today’s news when others are bitterly suffering?  Whats has happened to us?  What are we going to do about being callous, accustomed and panic-free for our neighbors? 

Have you ever thought maybe God is trying to get our attention?  I am acutely reminded of the Old Testament stories of God getting the attention of his people. I pray we are not so hard headed. What do you think? What would Jesus say to these things? 

Our Pastor Ponders: Is it all about the economy?


At what point do we reach “okay” status?  Consumed with a financial focus, when are we okay so that we can then “love your neighbor” and “treat others as we would like to be treated”? 

So much of our personal, corporate and all of the political decisions are based on a financial priority.  Do you suppose that is the way Jesus intended us to live as Christians?  As examples: choose between the ever-increasing military machine spending or an achievable health care plan and a solvent social security program – which should we focus on more?  Is it more education and job opportunities or building more jails that should be prioritized? Do we choose between gun owner’s rights or being the parent of one of the murdered school children at Sandy Hook Elementary? Is it protection of our GDP or a comprehensive immigration plan that needs attention?

Think for a moment… what do you think Jesus would do in these situations?  We know God’s position: “the love of money is the root of all evil” and “whoever loves money never has enough”  What if personally, corporately and politically we refocused our spending with God's priorities at the top of our budgets.  Do you think the world would be a better place? What if you did it?  Do you think God would approve?  Do you believe that God would   provide for all your needs?

What do you think?  What would Jesus  say?  Let's chat it up.

Our Pastor Ponders Current Events












I suspect that a great deal of grief must have overcome Jeffery Epstein while in jail in New York.  Maybe it was guilt, possibly fear, helplessness or a combination of all of these that would lead someone to attempt twice and finally succeed in taking his own life.


But I ponder a deeper question: Was there hope for Mr. Epstein?

The victims of his crimes deserve justice.  There are parts of the victims experiences that can never be made right on this earth.  Those who may have been complicit in these crimes should be held accountable.  Is there hope for them too?  The scriptures tells us that “no one is beyond the love of the Lord”.  Is it possible that Epstein, the shooters in Dayton and El Paso are loved by the Lord?  We should hope so, I believe so, and there is comfort in that certainly. 

My sins and yours are not public like these, but they are egregious to the Lord and certainly harmed others.  The same grace that forgives me and  you of our transgressions, is available to all who will accept it.  Even the most evil of individuals can be forgiven by God, like the prodigal son of Luke’s gospel, God loves even the most distant of his children.  I don’t condone any of their actions, but I am so thankful to God for the amazing grace that saved a wretch like me.

 How about you?

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