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Veterans Day



I became eligible for the Vietnam draft in 1974.  A few days after getting my draft card,  the draft was suspended.  I remember being thankful that God had “spared me.”   A few years later I tried to join voluntarily and they wouldn’t take me.  Now as a senior citizen, I recognize that I have a reasonable degree of guilt for both being “spared” and not being accepted.

It’s not that I agreed with every military engagement our country has made – it’s that I have such great respect for all that did serve, no matter the circumstances.  Some of those circumstances are unimaginable to the vast majority of us.  Some of us have never been away from home, much less sent to foreign lands  and seas to do battle.  In years when there has been no war, still soldiers did their part; serving and being ready at a moment’s call.  My ancestors fought in the Civil War, WWI, WW2.  My family served in  Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm and two family members are currently on active duty.

I could never adequately express my gratitude for what they, and veterans of every era, have done for  our country and the cause of freedom and liberty around this globe we call home.  We stand and salute you for your service. Thank you isn’t enough – but thank you.

A Question for Pastor John



Pastor John McLaurin is frequently asked, "Do you really only work one day a week?"


This is his response:

Being a pastor is similar to being an “on call” doctor/fireman/plumber.  We need to be available to meet the emergency and regular needs of the congregation.  Pastors work includes visits to homes, hospitals, at least 8 hours a week in preparation for Sunday services, meeting with teams, committees and individuals, and of course the administration and operation of the church, its facilities and staff.  The day is filled with joys, challenges and hope and not nearly enough sleep.

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