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Our Pastor Ponders "The Normal Routine"


My Spectrum streaming TV service went off line this week for a period of days. I almost got upset… well okay, I was irritated. let's say.  Funny how the smallest interruption in the normal routine can upset the disposition of the soul.  Then I remembered that I have a library of music, great tunes, that I hadn’t listened to in years – because of that old routine.  A few guitars sit in the corner of the family room that I don’t play nearly as often as I would like because of that same routine. 

Likewise, the many projects and honey-do’s that really need to be done, the chair that needs to be repaired and the quiet time I keep promising myself to take.  The normal routine has become the enemy.  It’s the enemy of a closer relationship with the family and spouse I love, the God I worship, the friendships I’ve neglected and the peace that is lost due to "the normal routine." 

 My Christmas present to my family, my God, my friends, and to myself is to “go off line” just like my streaming service. I'll be a better soul because of it.  

Great love to you all,

Pastor John

Our Pastor Ponders Santa


Christmas is coming and I want to state for the record, that I saw the tailights of Santa’s Sled as it departed from my front yard when I was a 6-year-old boy.  I absolutely believe Santa mirrors the best of who we can be: Giving, loving, generous, forgiving, selfless and with an overabundance of joy. 

Merry Christmas….  But you better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town!

Our Pastor Ponders Valleys and Mountaintops


I participated in a weekend Christian retreat this last week and was reminded of a fundamental of our faith: we spend more time in the valleys than on the mountaintops.  Speaker after speaker reminded us that life is lived in the valleys where challenges face us each day.  Then, on rare occasions like this retreat, we can get a glimpse of God’s abundant love and what the eternal life will really be like. 

I was reminded to persevere – it’s worth it to journey the Christian path, if only for the mountain tops in this life, but certainly because of the reward in eternal life. 

Great love to you all,

Pastor John

Our Pastor Ponders the Concept of Change


The church, through the generous donations of a few of our fellowship, is in the process of installing a new sound system for the sanctuary.  You may have also noticed the new TV display in the narthex.  The communication capability of our church has dramatically increased over the last two years.  Yet, some will find fault with the cost, the inconvenience, and most notably “change”. 

There is an old joke about Presbyterians that goes something like this:  The maintenance department came to the membership to report that there was a change that needed to be made. But before they could explain, the members jumped up in a rage shouting, “Change… CHANGE… we’ve been doing things around here the same way for 40 years, we don’t need no change!”  The maintenance team was talking about replacing some burned out light bulbs. 

Let’s keep an open mind about change. Doing so has suited us well for many decades.  We are not the church we once were. We are not yet the church we will one day be.  Change is how we get from one place to the next.  God’s will be done.

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