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I really like Chris Tiegreen’s take on Thanksgiving. He says, “Thanksgiving is more than a day – it’s a lifestyle. It should last longer than a weekend”.

Below are some encouraging/inspiring/interesting thoughts picked up from wise people and a lifetime of observation.

  • Thankfulness is an act of humility – you’re dependent on much grace and provision by God and others – you’re not self-sufficient.  Your God is drawn to and loves a humble heart!
  • Thankfulness is the strongest anti-depressant I know of.  This time of year – the holiday season – brings back memories, grief, longing, loneliness and isolation for many.  Simply stating your gratitude out loud – even if only two or three things – can change your mood for the rest of the day.  In the days of my deepest despair – I recall how often I have been blessed without deserving one bit of grace.
  • I learned a positive attitude (optimism) works for the best most of the time.  I know as a fact that a negative  attitude (pessimism and thanklessness) attitude works toward defeat all the time.
  • Gratitude is a power prayer!  You get more from God by thanking him than by begging him.  Thanking him in prayer in advance for something he has promised but not yet  given is a profound statement of faith.
  • Appreciation changes your perspective – it means the glass is half full not half empty.  If you were to put on the scales of life the number of blessing your received compared to the number of bad days or events  - how would the scales tip?  Count every breath, count every heartbeat, count every “I Love You”, count every time you’ve been forgiven, count every time you forgiven someone on the blessings side of the scale. 

 I love you all more than words can express and I am giving “Thanksgiving” to be your pastor, shepherd, friend, confidant and brother in Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Pastor John

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