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Day 8 – Jerusalem – Up, Down, East and West, above and below we see the City.

Day 8 and we finally have what Israelites pray for daily - more rain. At 8:00 we headed for the Pool of Shiloam at the lower end of the City of David at the output of Hezekiah’s Water Tunnel. Here the Christ made the blind man see as he washed the mud from his eyes at this still flowing spring. We were reminded that blindness in life can permeate our spiritual journey –may we have the eyes to see and avoid the darkness.

From the bottom, we made our way through heavy traffic to the top of King David’s City Palace. Here we could see the Old Testament story in 3D of David and Bathsheba. In the Holy Land the scriptures come to a new realization.

The rain came down but we made our way to the Church that Helena built – the Holy Sepulcher. The recognized site of Jesus crucifixion and burial. People from all over the world come to this place and it is humbling to be a part of the procession and reverence.

We made our way down the Via Delarosa and to a lunch in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. After warming up a bit we made our way by the Western Wall and then to our bus for a brief ride to the Garden Tomb.

As rained drizzled down we remembered the sacrifice and the promise of Christ to return. We read from Matthew about the loyalty of Mary and the disciples, and then shared in communion in this beautiful garden. We were all wet with the rain - but warm with our fellowship.

Back at the Old City we spent time at the Wailing Wall and then into the Rabbinical Tunnels tours that took us stories below the Old City back to the cardo that the citizens of Jerusalem would have walked in Jesus’ days. We passed structures that are simply hard to imagine much less describe any 1st century workers facilitating.

It has been our longest, hardest, day – and yet it has in many ways proved the call of the Christ. We are here because he called us like he called the original 12. He sends us as He sent them.

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