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The first one I remember was at “Pirate Island” down in South Florida – it was scary, loud, fast and fun all at the same time.  I remember it mostly though because it was one of the first things I ever did with my paternal father.  He rode in the seat beside me and I felt safe and secure.

I’ve loved coasters ever since, even though I avoid the county fair types, but repeatedly ride the ones at theme parks like Busch Garden’s Kumba.  It’s been a roller coaster this week in world news: Corona Virus and the Stock Market Crash on Monday.  

Scary, loud and fast, too. It’s enough to make  you panic, if you didn’t have the Father riding with you.  When things appear to be their worst, is when I feel the presence of the Lord the most.  Maybe it’s because I am leaning on the Lord more at these times in prayer, and focusing on Him. Thinking it through, I know He has seen us through so much, and much worse, why would I doubt He will see us safely home this time? I don’t!

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