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Prior prior to becoming a pastor, I was an executive with a biological warfare defense contractor.  The company manufactured equipment, laboratories and containment chambers to handle the most dangerous pathogens and chemical weapons known to man.  Our equipment is in many high profile locations like the Pentagon and even went to the moon with the Apollo program.   Scientists from all over the world would come to our  facilities to try out new equipment and test our procedures for keeping them safe while they worked with these deadly agents.  It was fascinating, exciting and often classified work with the governments of the world. Managing an outbreak of pandemic viruses or the purposeful use of chemical weapons was our area of focus. 

When you think of the news reports of the Corona Virus, it seems that we have an uncontrollable menace that will infect the entire world.   While that is possible, a pandemic virus is actually no worse than the original outbreak of the virus. Pandemic simply means that it is occurring in more geographic locations around the globe.  Many of those locations will not be well-equipped to manage the illnesses and as a result the death count will likely rise significantly.  

But it’s not all doom and gloom.   This virus is not exceptionally viral.  We should expect it will become a pandemic and it will become more common here in the USA, but  it is expected that far more people will die in the USA this year of the common flu virus than will succumb to the Corona Virus. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to be aware and careful.  Stay away from folks with flu symptoms, wash you hands regularly, use hand sanitizers after any public contact like shopping carts, public entry doors, gas pump handles, a wedding reception – you get the idea – places and things people commonly handle you should sanitize before and after use.

In addition to these practical solutions the most important thing you can do is pray.  Pray for those who are sick and those who will become sick.  Pray for the medical personnel and technicians.  Pray for the families and relatives.  Pray for the scientist and researchers for  a fast solution to the crisis. Throughout history pandemics come and go but prayer is consistently a worthwhile effort.

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