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Hello DPC


I know who won the NCAA College Football National Championship this week – the L.S.U. Tigers.  It just happened and it was somewhat memorable.

I began to think back on what I remember of the last couple of years – who won the championship two years ago, five years ago?  Who won the Super Bowl and what about the World Series?  These are major - no massive - events in American culture. People plan for months for their annual Super Bowl party, yet we can we can’t remember who won the event?

I raise this to point out a simple fact: It’s fun, but it’s not important. It’s not life or death, or even impactful for more than a fleeting few minutes. Certainly, it’ s not important in the sense that it matters in the big scheme of things. In the big scheme of things it’s no more than entertainment watched with passion. Advertisers spend millions of dollars to promote their products (like teeth whitening, soft drinks, erectile dysfunction medicine, breakfast cereal) all to get you to buy products long after you’ve forgotten who won or lost the game. 

Let me propose a what if:  What if we, the people of God, engaged the same passion for sharing the eternally important good news of Jesus Christ to the masses?  It would make a difference.  It is eternally important to people you know and love.

Go Team!

Pastor John


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