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Devotions for the Days of Lent 2019


The season of Lent can be challenging. If you need a bit of “spiritual stimulation,” try reading the 47 thought-provoking devotionals written by the members and friends of our church.

Each and every day, this Lenten booklet of daily devotions will help you gain a greater appreciation of Jesus's sacrifuce. We are sharing it with our friends and the wider Christian community as a way of expressing our joyous hope. We hope it will strengthen your relationship with the Lord as you travel closer to Easter.

This effort is an expression of our church’s spiritual concern. Lent reminds us of our need to come to the Cross and then the Empty Tomb. We pray that LENT 2019 will bring a renewal of your personal faith and will motivate you to a deeper commitment to God and His Church.

We appreciate those who shared their faith in poignant and prayerful writings. We're particularly grateful to Donna and Stan Lowe as well as Church Secretary Dottie Grenier. Without their dedicated effort and persistence, we could not provide this booklet for you.

What is a Church Rummage Sale?

In a church rummage sale, oodles of items are piled on tabletops and you “rummage,” or go through all of it in hopes of finding a bargain!

These sales typically have an insanely high volume of items to sell, so shoppers hit them in the morning for the “good stuff” and wait patiently for the afternoon to get scores of items at a deep discount.

Best of all, the sale on Saturday, February 16, will be held inside the Family Life Center at Deltona Presbyterian Church, so shoppers don’t have to worry about the weather. Many folks say that shopping at a church rummage sale is one of the best places to find great bargains, along with items they may not find anywhere else!

In addition to clothing, toys, holiday decorations and home goods, shoppers will find food: The Missions Team will be sponsoring a bake sale during the rummage sale.  The proceeds will go toward gifts for God's children.  The entire church family helps by donating their delicious baked goods (which must be delivered Friday or early Saturday morning.) 

If you have any questions, contact Pat Price at 386-801-2796.

Join us for Crosby Lane


Originally from Greenville, Mississippi, John Lemonis grew up steeped in the music and stories of the Mississippi Delta. After moving to Nashville, John would become a multi-Dove Award, SGMA, and Diamond Award-nominated songwriter, arranger, and artist. His work includes songs recorded by Joy Williams (the Civil Wars), Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, Cherie Adams (Avalon), Barbara Fairchild, Mark Harris, Brian Free & Assurance, and numerous others in Gospel, Christian, Country, Pop, Print/Choral, and Children's music. His numerous Broadway-style musicals have been recognized by Industry leaders. John has worked for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) as a panelist and for GMA (the Gospel Music Association) as a professional song critic. Also, John has sung on dozens of national and regional jingles.

Michaela Lemonis is originally from Anchorage, Alaska, and has played multiple instruments since she was a child. Music had already made an appearance in her family. Her great uncle, Fluke Holland played drums with Johnny Cash for forty years. He was also the drummer for the Million Dollar Quartet recording which featured Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins. Michaela's love for folk music shapes her unique contribution to the group, including playing mandolin and guitar. 

Crosby Lane has crafted the laid-back sensibilities of a "Nashville songwriters night" presentation in an intimate setting sharing the stories behind the songs and writers (many of whom cannot tell their own stories) with fresh renditions of favorite songs, including church hymns, classic folk and pop songs, and original songs by John and Michaela which feature unforgettable characters and stories.  

Eliminate stress this holiday season

Ideally, the holidays should to be a time of thankfulness, reflection, and celebration. Yet the idealistic visions of a perfect holiday are often marred by tensions and stress. Financial pressure, over-commitment and unrealistic expectations are among the culprits. However, I’ve discovered a few adjustments that can bring joy and peace to the season.
-Have realistic expectations. Magazines, The Hallmark Channel, even commercials depict elaborate holiday decorations, spotless homes and amazing meals. All of those images push us toward unrealistic expectations of ourselves and everyone else. Instead, do what is realistic for you without feeling guilty, lazy or inadequate.
-Be flexible. You might have to make concessions about when and where celebrations occur to avoid stress in families. Be willing to get together on a different day before or after the holiday if need be. The actual day isn’t as important as the opportunity to gather in a relaxed, unrushed atmosphere.
-Downgrade décor. Just because neighbors or family members decorate excessively doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a different experience. Simple decorations are just as festive (and perhaps more peaceful) than over-the-top extravagance. Include a few items that are special to you or your children, but don’t feel obligated to go overboard.
-Don’t break the budget. Gifts, parties, decorations and travel create a lot of financial pressure during the holidays. Your budget may require reducing the number of gifts you give or finding other ways to cut costs. Ignore the retail hype that plays on your emotions and avoid the temptation to buy with credit cards. Your stress level will skyrocket in January when the bills arrive.
– Just say no. A full holiday calendar equals exhaustion. Consider the logistics before accepting too many invitations. Leave holes in your calendar for quiet evenings at home or impromptu gatherings. You’ll be glad you did.

Renee Garrison is the award-winning author of The Anchor Clankers. 

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