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A Question for Pastor John



Pastor John McLaurin is frequently asked, "Do you really only work one day a week?"


This is his response:

Being a pastor is similar to being an “on call” doctor/fireman/plumber.  We need to be available to meet the emergency and regular needs of the congregation.  Pastors work includes visits to homes, hospitals, at least 8 hours a week in preparation for Sunday services, meeting with teams, committees and individuals, and of course the administration and operation of the church, its facilities and staff.  The day is filled with joys, challenges and hope and not nearly enough sleep.

Have a safe & happy Fourth of July!



I come to this July 4th, grateful for my country and grateful for the men and women who gave their lives so that I might be free.

I proclaim my allegiance to my country and total dedication to you, my Lord.

As I watch the magnificent explosions of color on this red, white, and blue holiday, I am reminded of my spectacular Lord and Savior who is great beyond my imagination.

May the name of the Lord be praised and celebrated throughout our country on this our joyous national holiday!



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